Rosie’s Dress

Recently, I made a few angel gowns from a dress I received that was 56 years old.

Every day I walk past a wedding picture of that dress.  And every day I thought to myself it would be fun to make some little dresses out of it.

Rosie thought she no longer owned the dress, that it was long gone.  Every so often she would mention her dress.  One day she was in the basement looking for some information that they needed.  She was opening all these barrels that they store things in and that haven’t been opened in 50 years.  Well, she found her dress and other wedding items that she had kept. It was just like new and alittle musty smelling.  You would be too if you were in a basement since 1968.

So I hand washed it and threw it in the dryer to dry.  It came out almost like new.  Then I got to thinking about the dress.  Mostly the dresses tell me how they want to be cut and made, just by looking at the material and style.  Sometimes I try to mimick the dress itself.

Two beautiful dresses came out of Rosie’s dress.  There is fabric for some squares and some lace left for other dresses.  She was happy with the little dresses.

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